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Affiliate Marketing Guide - Making Money With Affiliate Programs

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Introduction to Making Money With Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is a business practice through which companies looking to increase their web traffic and sales pay “affiliates” to send people their way. Affiliate programs pay webmasters in a number of ways, including paying per click-through to their site, per times their ad is viewed or paying a percentage of the profit when a customer that has been funneled their way makes a purchase. It is profitable to the company offering the affiliate program and can be profitable for an enterprising webmaster as well. Making money with affiliate programs can be easy if you choose a program that sells something people want and converts well.

Many of the major affiliate programs offer webmasters a wide variety of choices to pick from. Pretty much any major web site selling a service or product offers some sort of affiliate marketing program. Some of the best paying affiliate programs are offered by sites in the dating and money-making niche. These are also 2 of the most crowded niche markets and may be a difficult place to start making money with affiliate programs. Look for less crowded sub-niches you can take advantage of and find products that cater to those sub-niches. You can come back to the bigger affiliate niches later once you've figured out what works in the less crowded niche markets.

The beauty of making money with affiliate programs is you don’t have to have a product of your own to sell. There are literally tens of thousands of affiliate marketing programs to choose from. Choose a niche market that you are interested in and do a search for it on any search engine. Chances are you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of websites selling that product or service, many of which will offer affiliate programs. Alternatively, affiliate programs like Clickbank offer a product for pretty much anything you can think of all in one convenient place.

When you sign up with an affiliate marketing program, the company that you are  selling for usually provides you with a wide range of banner ads and/or links to use to promote their product. All you typically need to do is add these ads or links to your website, blog or forum posts and you get paid every time someone clicks through or makes a purchase, depending on the program.

For more information on making money with affiliate programs, read the articles at the top of the page.

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